Signatory Contractors

Today’s union affiliated business partnerships are much different from the past. We understand that our contractor partners expect and demand a high quality, competent, and well-trained labor force. We understand that to meet those expectations in today’s business environment, we must respond appropriately as business partners. Unions are committed to providing high quality service while helping to deliver high value, efficiency, and greater business success. Our union affiliated partners find that we have the ability to assist them in ways that not only help their businesses survive, but can also work toward profitability.
OPCMIA Local 600
Our organization, Operative Plasterers’ and Cement Masons’ Local 600, is a Southern California based union of craftpersons. Our signatory contractors are among the most high profile, reputable, and successful contracting firms in the Southern California area. Our workforce represents some of the most highly trained and competent workers within the cement masons’ trades.

How We Bring Value

A union affiliation can bring greater value to your business in several ways:
1. Recruitment and Benefit Administration
We handle all aspects of the costly labor recruitment process. Because we are a union, our members receive union benefits. Therefore, the cost of the benefits and the administration of them are our responsibility. This can also save you valuable administration fees.
2. Increased Levels of Productivity

We can deliver highly trained skilled labor that are expertly trained and supervised. Using our skilled, and trained labor force means that workers can directly contribute to greater productivity and, consequently, higher profits.

3. Elasticity of the Workforce
Again, this can directly contribute to your bottom line as your workforce can expand or contract to meet job and project needs. In addition, we have a vast network of area offices throughout the Southern California counties from which to pull.
4. Training and Supervision
Trained skilled workers mean a more knowledgeable and competent workforce. Our members receive ongoing training in apprenticeship, journeyperson, and other specific and job-specific training programs. Our union foremen function to help supervise and contribute to your business growth by providing a type of quality assurance.
5. Additional Business Development
Working with a union means that you have additional contracting and subcontracting opportunities available to you. In other words: more business potential. In short, we will bring you more opportunities for your company to grow.
6. Workers' Compensation
Direct cost reduction on payroll with bonafide tax exempt benefit plans and 10-20% cost saving on workers’ comp through our ADR workers’ comp programs.

How We Will Work with You

We know that you will have many questions, as union affiliation is a commitment on your company’s part.

Your Business Operations

You always remain in control of your business, even if affiliated with a union.

Labor Management Cooperation Committee

Our LMCC is always vigilant and monitors and initiates enforcement actions for underpayment of prevailing wages, failure to pay over time, cash payments, rebates of wages to contractors, misclassification of workers, failure to carry workers compensation insurance, and other labor law violations. Visit Cement Masons LMCC to report possible fraud or for more information.

Workforce Training and Employee Issues

Union affiliation means that you receive a highly trained workforce. Our union members receive training from apprenticeship levels to skilled journeyperson levels as well as journeyperson upgrade classes. The Apprenticeship Training Program is funded through the Labor Management Collective Bargaining Agreement, and is directed by a board of trustees consisting of both labor and management representatives.
We work with our contractor business partners to resolve any employee issues that might arise, including hiring and termination. Many of today’s union agreements allow an employer to select by name specific workers under certain conditions. Likewise, employer firms may also terminate workers (with just cause) as you would any open-shop employee. Hopefully, terminations will not be necessary, but we will work with you to facilitate those occasional situations. Of course, contractors are able to retain their existing workers. If asked, we offer compliance programs to assist you with submission of public works documents.

Union Agreements and Contracts

When you enter into a union agreement, it is a contractual situation and is generally for a specified period of time. Union contracts can vary from three to four years. Because it is our intent to develop long-term positive business relationships, we work with our contractor partners to arrive at mutually agreed upon and business-wise contracts. We attempt to arrive at agreements and contracts that are fair, flexible, and competitive. We want both parties to feel that they are working together toward a common business goal and gain work for our members and profitability for our contractors.

How to Determine if a Union Affiliation and Business Partnership Is Right for You

One of the first steps before proceeding is to determine whether or not a union affiliation and partnership would be beneficial for you. We suggest that you look at several areas of your business operations, including the quality of your workforce and the availability of skilled workers, as well as the associated costs such as wages, benefits, and other costs that you currently incur. Also, examine your current and future growth potential.
You should also talk with other contractors and trade associations to assess whether or not a union relationship would be a productive business decision. We also urge you to talk with your current workforce, staff, union representatives and others as you consider your options. Our union representatives are available to answer any questions or concerns you might have during your evaluation process.
To begin adding greater value to your business position, call Cement Masons Local 600, or complete and submit the online form and one of our professionals will contact you.