Apprenticeship Program

Current and future demand for skilled craftsmen necessitates an apprenticeship program that takes into consideration practices of one of the world’s oldest trades, along with instruction in new techniques, applications, technologies, and materials. The Southern California Cement Masons Joint Apprenticeship Program supports a world-class curriculum of instruction and on-the-job training for more than 300 apprentices annually. Union cement mason skills are honed with the most comprehensive apprenticeship training program in the industry.
Cement Mason journeymen are skilled in their craft as well as in working to bring in the job on time and within budget. Once an apprentice earns his journeyman status, his skill becomes an asset. This asset is most-needed and is recognized by all union contractors.
Cement Mason journeymen are considered to be on the “upper-end” of the construction industry wage and benefits scale. Apprentices receive medical benefits and retirement funding as they progress.
The Apprentice

A Cement Mason apprentice can expect an array of classes and on-the-job training to help develop marketable job skills while receiving hourly wages and benefits. Complete guidance can be expected during the development of skill, integrity, and subsequently pride of work.

A cement mason apprentice can expect to work on a variety of construction projects. Some of the more notable construction projects worked on by union cement masons include Disneyland, Universal Studios, Southern California freeways, the SoFi Stadium, Banc of California-LA Football Club Stadium, 6th Street Bridge, Library Tower, dams, bridges, school and government facilities, and hundreds more. Given the diversity of projects, boredom as a cement mason is not likely.

Program and Application Process

The Cement Masons Apprenticeship Program has eight different periods of wages and instruction. Each pay period consists of ten (10) classes at the present pay period and 600 hours of on-the-job training. This process must be completed for each of the eight pay periods before the apprentice can be considered for advancement to the next pay period.

Training classes are held year-round and are mandatory for all apprentices. Under the guidance of an instructor, apprentices will receive training in the following subjects:

Program Requirements

  1. Minimum age is 16 years.
    Under 18 years necessitates parent/guardian consent
  2. No maximum age
  3. No education requirements
  4. Must be able to read and write in English
  5. Physically required to be able to perform usual and customary work
  6. Must have transportation

On-The-Job Training

Work Processes

Approx. Hours
Site Preparation and Concrete Forming
1,000 hours
Place and Finish Concrete
1,000 hours
Steps and Base
500 hours
Curb and Gutter (all typs)
500 hours
Concrete Repair
350 hours
Machine Operation, Epoxy and Epoxy Injection
150 hours
Decorative Concrete and Concrete Polishing
1,300 hours